Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CONCESSIONÁRIA DO AEROPORTO DE SALVADOR S.A, situated at Praça Gago Coutinho, s/n, Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport Terminal, Salvador - BA, ZIP CODE 41510-055, registered with CNPJ under number 27.950.582/0001- 23, (“Salvador Airport”, “we”, “our” and “with us”) respects and is committed to protecting the privacy and the personal data of its users (“User” and “you”).

Thus, Salvador Airport has developed this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to provide you with information on how the collection, use, retention and sharing of such data will be carried out, by us or on our behalf, in order to assure you that we comply with all the principles, rules and good practices regarding to your protection.

This Policy applies to any processing of personal data carried out by Salvador Airport to enable the performance of its commercial activities, including the fulfillment of its legal and/or regulatory obligations, and the offer of websites or applications that refer to or are linked.




What information is collected by us and for what purpose?

In order to guarantee the maximum protection of your information, Salvador Airport assures that personal data will be collected and processed only for legitimate, specific and previously informed purposes.

In the hypotheses mentioned in this topic, the following categories of data may be collected:

• In order to understand your objectives, meet your needs, improve and personalize your experience on Salvador Airport website, in the context of our and your legitimate interests, your browsing data (eg, cookies) and pages visited may be collected. To find out more, see our Cookie Policy. Note that you can visit our website anonymously, simply by configuring this function in your browser. However, failure to provide such information may impair or impede access to certain content and services.


• In order to make the registration and processing of your manifestations viable in our Ombudsman, in compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations, we will request you to insert certain information in the form available on our website or other physical and digital service systems made available by us. For example, you can share with us your first and last name, telephone, address, e-mail and other data and documents through the other free fields.


• To carry out passenger satisfaction surveys on the spot, provide assistance to people with disabilities, aged 60 (sixty) or over, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people accompanied by infants, people with reduced mobility or anyone who, for any specific condition, has limitation on their autonomy as a passenger, as well as for the performance of other activities in which Salvador Airport is bound by laws, regulations and the concession contract, we may request, to have access and perform other handling activities with your personal data, such as your name and surname, telephone number, age, education level, date, time and airline of departure, number and destination of the flight, etc.


In addition to the purposes and categories of data described above, we may collect and process any other information that you or third parties provide us in a legitimate way through various means, such as our websites, applications, email and physically, whenever necessary (i) for the compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, (ii) to allow the execution of contracts or preliminary procedures to contracts to which you are a party, (iii) to enable the regular exercise of our rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, (iv) to serve our and/or your legitimate interests, such as the adoption of fraud prevention services, (v) by virtue of a court order addressed to Salvador Airport or (vi) to guarantee credit protection, in order to enable the risk management in operations related to the provision of our services, (vii) and in other cases permitted or required by the rules in force.


Do we share your personal information?

Aiming to preserve the integrity of your personal data that are under our control, as a rule, Salvador Airport does not sell, trade, assign or transfer such information to third parties that do not belong to the same economic group. Even for the same group, your data will only be transferred to our parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries when strictly necessary and under the terms of the applicable legislation.

However, in order to make our services available and in situations where the applicable rules authorize or require, we may share and/or transfer your personal data to third parties of our trust, including, but not limited to:

• For suppliers and/or service providers, who support Salvador Airport in the operation of the website or assist us in the provision of other services offered by us, in compliance with our legal, regulatory or contractual obligations, and in other situations authorized by applicable rules, being these third parties subject to contractual and regulatory restrictions and confidentiality agreements that prohibit the processing of your personal data in a manner contrary to our instructions;


• For authorities and public bodies, aiming at the fulfillment of legal, regulatory and contractual obligations applicable to Salvador Airport, such as the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) and the State (SEFAZ) and City (SMF) Treasury Office.


In addition to the situations mentioned above, Salvador Airport may also share your personal information when necessary (i) to comply with court orders, legal, regulatory and/or contractual obligations, or our policies, (ii) to exercise our rights in a judicial, administrative or arbitral proceeding, (iii) to serve our, your or legitimate interests of third parties, (iv) for credit protection and (v) in other cases in which the applicable rules authorize or require it.


Will your personal data be transferred abroad?

Salvador Airport is part of one of the largest multinational groups in the airport market, with a physical presence in twelve countries and serving around eleven million passengers worldwide, according to data from 2019. For this reason, when you use our services, your personal data can be processed wherever we are located, within the limits of the legislation in force and provided that the country guarantees adequate protection of your data or other legitimate protection guarantees are adopted.

In addition, your personal data may be stored in a cloud system or other similar technologies and infrastructures, whose servers are usually located in Brazil or abroad, such as in the United States of America or Chile.

Bearing in mind that the availability of our services may not be feasible without such international transfers, you acknowledge to be aware that the cross-border flow of data mentioned may occur, under the terms of this Policy and within the limits of the rules in force.

In any case, Salvador Airport clarifies that it will only carry out such international transfers after adopting all the necessary safeguards established in the legislation, including through the adoption of standard clauses and/or global corporate norms.


How long do we store your personal information?

Salvador Airport will store the personal data collected for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes informed to you, in compliance with the applicable legislation, opting, as far as possible and reasonable, for the anonymization of the data from the beginning of the activities of handling, especially when such activities involve sensitive personal data.

Your personal data may also be retained when necessary to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations and/or to exercise our rights in legal, administrative or arbitration proceedings, under the terms and for the periods set forth in the applicable rules.


How do we protect your personal information?

Salvador Airport has a set of security, technical and administrative measures, adopted since the conception and by default, able to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or illicit situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of improper or unlawful handling, in full compliance with applicable laws. It is also part of our internal policy to constantly seek new measures to ensure that only the necessary personal data for each specific purpose are subject to handling and that the referred handling occurs safely.

Among the security measures already implemented, we highlight the control and tracking of user access in our internal systems, the backup of our databases and the protection of our systems and servers through the use of specific software, such as antivirus and firewalls.

In addition, we guarantee the reliability of all employees who need access to your personal data for the provision of our services, including by means of appropriate instruction and subject to confidentiality commitments.

Unfortunately, as much as Salvador Airport adopts its best efforts to protect its systems and databases, it is a fact that no security measure is fully effective, so we ask you for your assistance to expand the protection of your personal data, including by using antivirus and firewall, constantly updating your browser and operating system and avoiding access to suspicious websites or downloading files of unknown origin.


What rights do you have regarding your personal information under our control?

According to article 18 of Federal Law No. 13.709, of August 14, 2018 (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data), you have several rights regarding your personal data, including, but not limited to, the confirmation of existence of handling, access, correction, anonymization, blocking, elimination, portability, information and revocation of consent.

To exercise these and the other rights provided in the applicable rules related to privacy and protection of personal data, you can contact us at any time, through the email indicated at the end of this Policy.



Updates to our Privacy Policy

Salvador Airport is committed to being updated on issues related to privacy and data protection and adopting the rules, regulations, guidelines and best practices established by national authorities. In this regard, it reserves the right to modify its Policy at any time.

In case Salvador Airport decides to modify this Policy, this website will be updated. If any relevant changes or updates are made and/or if the applicable law so determines, you will be notified through our communication channels, such as email or advertisements on our official website.

Last updated: July 29, 2020.


How to contact us

Any doubts, suggestions, complaints or requests to exercise rights related to privacy and data protection can be forwarded to the responsible sector, through the email