Women in control: Salvador Bahia Airport celebrates Women's month by debating their challenges during the pandemic

Women in control: Salvador Bahia Airport celebrates Women's month by debating their challenges during the pandemic

In addition to online events with specialists, there will be activities on social media and a virtual meeting with young apprentices

Women have always had to face several challenges in their daily lives and yet, with the pandemic, their routines have changed and the challenges have widened, bringing about several dilemmas. Discussing them is the goal of “Elas No Controle” (Women in Control), a project by Salvador Bahia Airport. As a member of the VINCI Airports network, which has recently implemented its campaign “Women on the Move”, Salvador Bahia Airport is indeed committed to empower women and enhance gender equality.

This year, Salvador de Bahia has decided to privilege discussion and exchange of thoughts between women to address this goal. As such, its campaign “Elas No Controle” will focus on topics such as domestic violence, stress, multitasking, and loneliness, among others, and will gather women of various profiles through debates on March 11th, 16th and 29th.

To participate, interested parties must register for free via the link available on the airport's Instagram profile: @SalvadorBahiaAirport. The event will be streamed on Microsoft Teams platform and the access link will be sent to the registered email address.

Women Inspire

Salvador Bahia Airport also believes that gender equality and women empowerment should be addressed by informing and inspiring younger generations. This is why, in addition to the debates, Salvador Bahia Airport promotes “Elas Inspiram” (Women Inspire), an online meeting between young apprentices, interns, and students on technical courses with professional women working at the terminal. The initiative aims to encourage teenagers and young women to earn their place in the labour market.

The meeting, which takes place on March 25th at 3:30 pm, will be mediated by the Communication Manager of Salvador Bahia Airport, Daniela Franco, and will also feature the participation of professionals from different areas of the terminal: Márcia Gonzaga, who works in the area of Information Technology (IT); Francisca Priscila, leader of the Effluent Treatment Station; Ticiana D’Ávila, emergency nurse and a Rescue Leader Firefighter at the Aerodrome.

“The defense of diversity and equality regarding professional opportunities is part of the values of the VINCI Airports network,” said the Communication Manager at the airport, Daniela Franco. "However, this should not stop just at our facilities, but it must be disseminated to others who collaborate with us, such as passengers, suppliers, and partners until it reaches society in general," she added.


According to the Science Report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, published in February this year, only 28% of engineering graduates are women. In Artificial Intelligence, only 22% of professionals are women, and although they represent 33.3 % of all researchers, only 12% of members of national science academies are women.

Also, according to the Organization, when talking about something as current as the pandemic, women represent 70% of all health professionals and are among the most affected by the pandemic and among those who lead the response to the pandemic.

Gender equality is among the UN’s sustainable goals to be achieved by the year 2030. This is a cause that, according to Daniela, the Concessionaire is committed to complying with.

AGENDA: “Women in Control”

• 11/03 at 3:00 PM – “The role of the private sector and civil society in confronting violence against women” by Mayara Mezzomo, Specialist in Social Innovation Management (Amani Institute) and a master's student in Development and Social Management (UFBA);

• 16/03 at 3:00 PM – “Dilemmas and challenges in the pandemic” by Érica Capinan, Pedagogue and specialist in the teaching of Afro Brazilian History and Culture and Specialist in Public Management in Gender / Race.

• 29/03 at 3:00 PM – “Sexism, racism and the pandemic: the challenges for human rights” by the prosecutor and doctoral student in Legal and Political Sciences at the Department of Law of the University of Lisbon, Lívia Sant’Anna Vaz.

About Salvador Bahia Airport

Located in Salvador, capital of Bahia and the first Brazilian capital, Salvador Bahia Airport has been part of the VINCI Airports network since January 2, 2018 through a 30-year Concession Contract. Since then, the airport has incorporated global operating standards, seeking to deliver more efficiency, safety and a better travel experience for its passengers. With this objective, works were carried out to modernize and expand the passenger terminal, an investment of R $ 700 million that increased its capacity by 50%, from 10 million to 15 million passengers per year.

Named as the “Most Sustainable Aerodrome in Brazil”, Salvador Bahia Airport stands out for its pioneering spirit in environmental preservation actions. Guided by Air Pact, VINCI Airports' global strategy, the airport was the first in Brazil to reuse 100% of the water consumed, not to dispense solid waste for landfills and to have a solar plant – with 4.2 MW of power. The airport's actions to reduce carbon emissions led it to receive the Carbon Accreditation Certification (ACA Certification) by the International Airport Council (ACI). More information can be found on the website www.salvador-airport.com.br or on the social networks @salvadorbahiaairport.

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