For diversity, Salvador Airport wears a rainbow

For diversity, Salvador Airport wears a rainbow

Actions celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Day and aim at raising awareness on the importance of respecting differences

With the motto "Respect is the only route", Salvador Bahia Airport, a member of the VINCI Airports network, has launched a campaign to highlight the need to respect diversity, with an emphasis on the International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, celebrated on June 28th. The contact points with the public are via its digital channels and interventions in the passenger terminal.

In addition, on June 29th, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, the airport will hold an online chat with Vitor Martins, a queer person, taking a master's degree in Psychology from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, a consultant and specialist in Diversity and Inclusion. Entitled "Pride for everyone", the event aims to foster reflection on the role and responsibilities of people in the LGBTQIA+ cause, highlighting the importance of alliances for inclusion.

In the passenger terminal, the escalators and entrance to the departure area are dressed in rainbows, reminding everyone who passes through that the airport is a place for everyone and that respect for differences must be at the center of human relations.

On June 28th, workers who provide direct service to the public will display the campaign motto "Respect is the only route" on their chests. On social networks, the campaign runs until July 1st and brings, in addition to educational and cultural content, messages of affirmation left by LGBTQIA+ workers and partners in the video "Proud of what?".

The campaign is in line with VINCI Airports commitment towards diversity and inclusion. Salvador Airport has implemented several initiatives since the beginning of the concession in 2018, such as the maintenance of the Diversity Committee, composed of employees who think and propose ways to make the Airport an increasingly inclusive environment.

"Here we work daily to offer passengers and employees a more inclusive and psychologically safe environment, in which everyone feels heard, respected, valued and safe to be who they are. We believe that we, not only as a company, but as a civil society, need to continue expanding our vision for diversity, embracing more and more groups", emphasizes Daniela Franco, Communication Manager at Salvador Bahia Airport.

About Salvador Bahia Airport

Located in Salvador, capital of Bahia and the first Brazilian capital, Salvador Bahia Airport has been part of the VINCI Airports network since January 2, 2018 through a 30-year Concession Contract. Since then, the airport has incorporated global operating standards, seeking to deliver more efficiency, safety and a better travel experience for its passengers. With this objective, works were carried out to modernize and expand the passenger terminal, an investment of R $ 700 million that increased its capacity by 50%, from 10 million to 15 million passengers per year.

Named as the "Most Sustainable Aerodrome in Brazil", Salvador Bahia Airport stands out for its pioneering spirit in environmental preservation actions. Guided by Air Pact, VINCI Airports' global strategy, the airport was the first in Brazil to reuse 100% of the water consumed, not to dispense solid waste for landfills and to have a solar plant – with 4.2 MW of power. The airport's actions to reduce carbon emissions led it to receive the Carbon Accreditation Certification (ACA Certification) by the International Airport Council (ACI). More information can be found on the website or on the social networks @salvadorbahiaairport.

About VINCI Airports

VINCI Airports, the leading private airport operator in the world, manages 45 airports in12 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We harness our expertise a comprehensive integrator to develop, finance, build and operate airports, while leveraging our investment capability and expertise in optimising operational performance, modernising infrastructure and driving environmental transition. VINCI Airports became the first airport operator to start rolling out an international environmental strategy, in 2016, with a view to achieving net zero emissions throughout its network by 2050.