The Salvador Airport is now accepting bid proposals for commercial operations

The Salvador Airport is now accepting bid proposals for commercial operations

The Salvador Airport has launched a bid selection for commercial operations involving food business, retail and a gas station on Carybé Avenue. Until late January the interested parties may send e-mails informing in which area they intend to apply to compete for the existing spaces.

The bid proposals will be screened for identification of those that are more aligned with the new commercial concept of the airport, aimed at improving the experience and quality of services offered along the route of passengers.

Such selection will grant preference to companies that already have experience in the commercial field chosen and that demonstrate the ability to adapt to the specificities associated to operations within an airport environment.

For operations in the food business, there are opportunities in the segments of coffee shop, restaurant, fast food and grab&go. In regards to retail, the interested ones will run stores in areas like: travel articles, beauty, souvenirs, crafts, food products, fashion, services, among others. The selected spaces will be available in the public and in the restricted areas of the airport, with surface areas ranging from 46m² to 300m².

The operation of the gas station will take on Carybé Avenue. That is the only retailer of fuels located between the main lane of Luis Viana Filho Avenue (Paralela) and the Salvador International Airport. Such location attracts a significant number of customers, which extrapolate the passengers of the airport itself. 

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